Photography: Jannica Honey

Photography: Jannica Honey

Judith Williams is an artist.


Jude is a unique lady songstress and a gloriously multifarious performer.

Her work is bold and innovative.

Her voice a beautiful, vital, vulnerable force of nature with the power to induce ready tears, embracing life in all it’s techicolour. 


Jude's works spans:

Creating ceremony and ritual for life, death and loving unions.

Performing award winning film and television and theatre.

Sharing songs in intimate and expansive spaces.

Making theatre work with broad minded and open hearted artists.


Welsh legs and Scottish feet, I turn to poetry when I need to anchor the world in words:


Because being here is so much

The world offers itself to your imagination

We have come to be danced.

Rilke | Oliver | Mathieson


Close to my heart: honesty, courage, commitment, connection.

Close to my art: jazz, theatre, stories, rites, ritual.

It's a matter of life, death and love.